“DyDo Group SDGs Declaration”

We believe in “Creating happiness and prosperity, together with people and with society” as the company’s philosophy. This Philosophy expresses the spirit of “striving to achieve happiness and prosperity together” that has been with us since our founding. This spirit is an accurate representation of our culture and applicable to SDGs principle “Leave no one behind”.

We have established the Group Mission 2030 to clarify our objectives for the year 2030 in line with our business policy, “For DyDo Group to create enjoyable, healthy lifestyles for people around the world.” Our mission is to contribute to SDGs through our business activities.

We will contribute to SDGs and realize the sustainable society in which people all over the world have their enjoyable and healthy lives for 2030.

January, 2021
Tomiya Takamatsu
DyDo Group Holdings, Inc.