Message from
the President of
DyDo Holdings

In line with the philosophy of DyDo Group, we are committed to taking on the new challenges presented by the prescription drug business.

Tomiya TakamatsuPresident and Representative Director
DyDo Group Holdings, Inc.

With the establishment of DyDo Pharma, the DyDo Group is now fully committed to the prescription drug business.

Although DyDo Group’s core business today centers on the manufacturing and selling of beverages such as canned and bottled coffee both locally and globally, the company’s origins actually lie in the “use first, pay later” medicine business unique to Japan. Since then, in terms of healthcare, we have been producing quasi-drug beverages such as energy drinks and beauty drinks, as well as developing and marketing nutritional supplement foods and food with functional claims.

Upon examining potential new business platforms with an eye on the future, we soon concluded that we should leverage our contributions in the healthcare field — a tradition that has passed down unbroken since the founding of the company — to further advance the health and well-being of people around the world. In so doing, we would not only fulfill our company philosophy “to achieve happiness and prosperity for people and society as a whole,” we would also promote the growth of the entire DyDo Group and “continue our dynamic efforts to take on new challenges.” With decades of experience in medicines and quasi-drugs, the prescription drug business was a natural choice.

We plan to succeed in the prescription drug business over the mid- to long-term. In the short term, we will invest the funds that we have accumulated in our internationally successful beverage business.

Despite the fact that a growing number of pharmaceutical companies are engaged in the development of medications for rare diseases, the reality is that efforts in this field remain inadequate to the task. The small scale of the patient population makes development prohibitively expensive, leaving many rare diseases without effective therapeutic medications. We are confident that our group’s entry into the rare disease prescription drug business will help ameliorate the social issues that arise from this. We are also confident that the acquisition of knowledge about medicine through this business will help improve our corporate value in the mid- to long-term range and will also serve as a driving force to create new products.

We are looking forward to these new challenges and encourage you to watch for exciting new developments in this area.