Why We Entered
the Field of Rare Disease

An estimated 7,000 distinct rare diseases can be found around the world — many of them serious, progressive, and often life-threatening. Regrettably, there are still no effective therapeutic options for most of these diseases. To address this social problem, DyDo Pharma is committed to developing therapeutic medications for rare diseases whose symptoms often develop at birth or in early childhood, as well as for ultra-rare diseases with extremely few patients.

Our goal is to provide innovative medications in a timely manner to the patients who desperately need them by accelerating the development of new drug candidates licensed in from bio-ventures around the world in order to get marketing authorization approvals in Japan as quickly as possible.

We hope to gradually expand the therapeutic medications for various unexplored rare diseases, providing life-saving product to the patients who are combating those diseases and the medical practitioners who are striving to treat them. Through these efforts, we will ensure our commitment to building a happier and healthier society.

Positioning of DyDo Pharma in DyDo Group

In addition to our core beverage business represented by canned coffee, DyDo Group operates a contracted manufacturing business specializing in quasi-drug drinks such as energy drinks and beauty drinks. We also develop and market nutritional supplements and functional foods. To further advance our contribution to the healthcare fields — a tradition that has passed down unbroken since the founding of the company — we chose to enter the ethical drug business.